The Newest Series is called ” Dangerous Curves” It is meant to quench my curiosity with “La Santisima Muerte”. Although one can argue that all of my “ladies” are a depiction of La Santisima Muerte in a contemporary format, this collection will show  how I interpret the traditional Santisima or Santa Muerte.  ”Dangerous Curves” is a fitting name for this collection. Am I referring to her shapely and seductive frame or do I mean the accessory she is most known for her sickle or scythe? I will leave that up to you…  Olivia is holding an hour glass to remind us all that there is a clock on all things and to value the time we have.


Olivia is a large piece, hand carved out of one solid piece of wood, total size, 30 inches tall, by 12 inches wide. She has a custom, hand made frame, made by yours truly.

The inspiration for “Olivia” came when I met a couple in a tavern. The Gentleman was considerably older than me. We began talking about our passions in life.  A devilish gleam came to his eye when he mentioned his pride and joy, a red, 1962 Corvette. “Now were talking” I thought.

As most car collectors, he referred their cars as “she”. He continued his story by telling me he calls his car “The Grimm Reaper”, complete with some clever way of fitting it onto a vanity plate.

The Gentleman went on and on about how he had worked on this car when he was a boy and how he ad always dreamt of owning it. He was 57 years old when he could finally afford such a car. He had a friend at the police dept. that ran the V.I.N. on the car of his dreams, only to find that he lived 25 minutes away from where the car had been lovingly stored away for 30 years.

He ended his story with a profound piece of advice, ” remember that time is precious and to enjoy the twists and turns that life’s roads have to offer.”

I went to bed that night, and woke up and sketched “Olivia”